The Rise of the Evolutionaries with Carter Phipps

Author Carter Phipps takes us on an evolutionary journey, exploring the remarkable people and the novel perspectives that are transforming our politics and evolving our culture.

In his book Evolutionaries, Phipps presented the work of a group of inspired thinkers, activists, and leaders who are inspired by an evolutionary vision and who transcend traditional cultural and political divisions. He then co- founded the Institute for Cultural Evolution to apply those essential ideas to the challenge of a political polarized America. In this talk, he will discuss what it means to be an “evolutionary”, the work to heal cultural divisions, and what each of us can do to evolve our own worldview.

 Carter Phipps is an author, speaker, and thought leader who works at the intersection of business, politics, personal development, and culture. His books include Conscious Leadership (Portfolio, 2020), coauthored with Whole Foods Market CEO John Mackey and Steve McIntosh, and Evolutionaries (Harper Perennial, 2012). Carter hosts the Thinking Ahead podcast, and is co-founder and a Senior Fellow of the Institute for Cultural Evolution , a non-profit social policy
think-tank. He lives in Denver, Colorado.

Books by Carter Phipps

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