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Weekly drop-in Study Group Reading and Discussing The Book Spiritual Genomics

Spiritual Genomics

Thursdays 5:30pm-7:00pm MDT. Spiritual Genomics authored by Fred Grover Jr., M.D. Upon completion of the book, the author will join us for a Q & A. A physician’s deep dive beyond modern medicine…discovering new keys to optimizing DNA, health, longevity and happiness. Travel with Dr. Grover to ancient temples, and realms of healing beyond modern […]

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Spiritism 101: Weekly Class in Spiritist Studies by Gloria Coelho – Starting May 19


Announcing a new weekly study group  meeting Tuesdays 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm MDT. Explore the world of spirit and our relationship to it in this thought-provoking weekly class. The text we’ll be using for this class, “The Spirits’ Book”, is the foundational book on the Spiritist philosophy, published by Allan Kardec, professor of Science […]

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Collective Consciousness in the Age of COVID-19 with Don Dulchinos – May 26


Tuesday, May 26 3:00 – 5:00 pm MDT The term “collective consciousness” has been used by religious visionaries and technology utopians alike. This presentation will present a way to think about the idea as an emergent phenomenon, and suggest some ways to move from theory to practice. Topics will include: Historical Views and Visions Evolutionary […]

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Silver Linings: Free Open Forum Part 4 – May 27

Silver Linings Event Featured

Wednesday, May 27 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm MDT. FREE ON ZOOM A Live Forum for exploring hidden evolutionary opportunities in a time of chaos. In our first meeting, we shared the silver linings we see in our own lives, and some of the ways things can change for the better as a result of […]

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Your Divine Lens: how and why we need to shift perspective from ego to soul’s wisdom with Sue Frederick – May 29


Friday, May 29 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm MDT. LIVE BROADCAST ON ZOOM How and why we need to shift perspective from ego to soul’s wisdom – especially now.. What is this time calling us to do and be? How do we lift above our fear and worry to embrace the spiritual awakening that is […]

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Free Energy Healing Sessions

Caritas is pleased to offer sessions in Spiritist Healing, a form of energy medicine. Spiritist Healing can promote healing when utilized independently or as a complement to traditional medical care. It can enhance the healing of physical illness, acute or chronic pain, depression, and grief. An important distinction of Spiritist Healing as an alternative healing […]

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Maintain Your Wellness Goals For 2020 with ZAAZ

Zaaz is a fitness machine with so many therapeutic benefits that the FDA lists it as a CLASS 1 medical device. Whole Body Vibration Introducing ZAAZ Whole Body Vibration Therapy Click to see additional videos 10 minutes = 1 hour at the gym! NASA Technology * FDA Listed as a Class 1 Medical Device and Fitness Machine […]

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Everything we do at Caritas – from our free healing clinic to our workshops, lectures and films – is in the service of raising consciousness. You can be part of this important effort through your membership.

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Be a Volunteer at Caritas

Caritas Volunteer

Did you know that Caritas is run by volunteers? Help our community prosper with a few flexible hours each week! ۞ Social Media ۞ Fundraising ۞ Public Relations ۞ Event Coordination ۞ Computer Tech ۞ Marketing ۞ Office Assistance ۞ Spiritist Healing Make friends while serving your community! If you have a skill to share, […]

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