The Memetic Code and Genetic Survival with Paul Kordis, Ph.D.(Introductory Lecture)
The Memetic Code and Genetic Survival: How cognitive development can save our species and our planet
Most people realize that we are at the threshold of a crucial bifurcation: An emerging spiritual renaissance or the final descent into a very nasty future. The words, “What we need is a spiritual awakening!” have echoed through the public discourse for quite some time, but they are no less true today than they were decades ago.

It might seem strange to speak of cognitive development in the same breath as spiritual growth and realization, but the two often go hand in hand. This expansion of perception and cognition progresses in identifiable stages. Understanding these stages is key to not only a better understanding of others, but to a better understanding of ourselves and our own personal journey.

The stage of consciousness theory developed by Clare Graves was a milestone in human development theory. For the first time the human growth patterns identified by Kagan, Maslow, Piaget, Kohlberg, Loevinger, Freud, Jung and others could live within a larger context that both included and transcended their work.

Graves’ contribution has become even more important in America, as woridviews, value systems, and cognitive memes are caught in a struggle for survival. In the 20th century, our nation reached a fork in the road and, so far, has collectively taken the lower path – a path that threatens the survival of our species and the ecosphere of our planet. A great leap that could ensure our survival and greatly enhance our quality of life is still attainable, but we must understand what and why, and most importantly, how.

Overview of Topics in this Presentation

  • Why pursue change in this reality?
  • The overarching context both spiritual and material.
  • World conditions and species-bioshpere survival.
  • Burification and the need for a leap
  • The interplay between simplicity and complexity.
  • The brain and its function relative to spirit behavior and worldview.
  • Modes of interpretation including levels of stage theory and their relevance to the Graves model – the fight at the top
  • Foundational aspects of the Graves model


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Friday, March 20, 2020
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