The Healing Power of the 7 Super States of Consciousness with Jonathan Ellerby, Ph.D.
We each have had moments that transcend ordinary reality, experiences that reveal our connection to the Sacred, to the Living Energy of the Universe. Yet many people brush off these flashes of spiritual wonder and non-ordinary consciousness, not realizing they can be important stepping stones on the spiritual path.
In this engaging combination of presentation, interview, and live online question and answer, Jonathan discusses the seven most pervasive and universal breakthrough spiritual experiences that we find around the world and throughout time. Knowing these seven types allows us to accelerate our own spiritual growth, support others in their journeys and better understand the dynamics of religious and cultural innovation and change.

Exploring the non-ordinary modes of perception and the super-states of consciousness that underlie them, Jonathan details how spiritual experiences happen, what they mean, and how they can help us cultivate humility, creativity, and groundedness. He presents simple exercises and sacred practices designed to expand perception, enter non-ordinary states of consciousness, and encourage deeper experiences, which in turn can enable you to have direct awareness and knowledge of the Sacred

Jonathan Ellerby PhD  is a 2 times bestselling author who has spent over 30 years
immersed in the world of integrative healing and transformational spiritual growth. With the credibility of advanced academic degrees, extensive personal experience, worldwide travel, and applied experience in diverse settings, Jonathan is the author of 5 books, including the newest, The Seven Gateways of Spiritual Experience.

From hospitals to boardrooms, Fortune 500 companies to celebrities, rural communities, government agencies, and premier spa and resort settings, there are few topics in the
world of consciousness, culture, religion, spirituality and leadership that he cannot address with clarity and an inspiring perspective.

Jonathan blends his experience collaborating with physicians and psychologists, along with his extensive studies with Indigenous Healers, and his decades of work with corporate leaders, to help people apply the practical potency of the mind-body connection, and the real-life magic of awaking to the power of heart and soul.

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