The Creative Power of the Culture War with Jeff Salzman

Are you:

  • Depressed by the news?

  • Fearful about the state of the world?

  • Furious with your political opponents?

Me too! But what if this miserable condition is a stage on the path of human development? Evolution has created all the goodness, truth and beauty in the world – often by means of their opposites. Every species, including humanity, both fights and friends its way forward.

This process of emergence is accelerating and there is a next human being born in real time, one newly equipped to take on the unsolved problems left by the exhausted previous stages. Our opportunity – and call – is to consciously participate in this unfolding.

In this Zoom session, we will take a tour of current events as seen through the lens of cultural and consciousness evolution. The program will be interactive and we will address the great issues of the day regarding war and peace, economics, culture and spirituality. I’m looking forward to a great time and hope you join us! – Jeff

Jeff Salzman is the creator of the Daily Evolver podcast, now in its tenth year, where he applies Integral Theory and Spiral Dynamic to the news of the world. In the early 2000s, Jeff worked with Ken Wilber to create a series of seminars on integral theory applied to various disciplines including psychology, spirituality and business. In 2007 he co-founded Boulder Integral, a bricks-and-mortar center for integral study and practice. He has a master’s degree in Indo-Tibetan Buddhism from Naropa University. 

“Urge and urge and urge, always the procreant urge of the world.”

– Walt Whitman

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