The Continuation of Consciousness: Our Connections Beyond the Veil
Have you ever wondered how we are connected to the other side of the veil, how we receive messages from those that have departed? In this talk we will explore our lives from a different perspective, a perspective that shares a magnificent secret that shows the continuation of consciousness, and how the depth of love expands far beyond the body of the human vessel.

Books by Maren Muter

The letters not only have opened a window back into the life of this little girl but have allowed others to take a similar journey

Books soon to be released:  INSIDE Past-Life Connections, The Many Lives of You The Chocolate Syndicate,

Maren Also speaks with private groups, has been interviewed by Regina Meredith, IANDS, and will be on fall 2021.

You are welcome to visit her website:

Bio:  It may not be the typical biography, but this is the story of Maren Muter who from an early age, began showing signs of being a unique creature. One that was meandering about, perhaps enlightened, perhaps a conduit with access to insights from the past as well as the future. She spent hours in the woods, in meadows, by creeks, and even watched closely at how the plume of smoke and ash banked against the horizon as Mt. St. Helens erupted. She ran barefoot, climbed trees, and believed in the mystical forces of nature with an inspiring sense of awe and fascination..

She went on to pen thousands of poems, prose, questions, and insights only to bury these writings in glass jars everywhere she went for thirteen years. After studying psychology and sociology, while delving into quantum theories, Maren has worked for over 20 years as a researcher and practitioner in the realm of metaphysics – past-lives, development of consciousness, and after-death communications. Also known in some circles as the Chocolate Lady as she also works with cacao, and shares chocolate with the world around her. Four-five years after burying her first letters, a treasure hunt ensued in which hundreds of letters were recovered from their subterranean keep. Her writings were a source of spiritual convalescence: an access point to a child’s sense of oneness most people lose with age. The journal entries read as poems, and the poems as feelings lost.

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