The Change Code: Conscious Co-Creation of the Global Paradigm Shift with Monica Bourgeau, M.S.
As many of you are aware, we’re in the midst of a major shift in consciousness. You may actually be experiencing this change in your own life, accompanied, perhaps, by a strong feeling that you’re called to do something more, to embody a higher purpose. It’s true: now is your time and now more than ever, you are needed.
As humanity transitions from one developmental layer in our evolution to the next, we feel the tension between them. Like the earth’s tectonic plates rubbing together over time, finally enough friction is created to shake and move mountains, reshaping the landscape.

That is exactly what is happening today. Humans view the world through the lenses of their own value systems. As new value systems emerge, they clash with the previous ones, causing friction and resulting in the extreme polarization, conflict, and chaos we’ve been seeing on the planet. And, it turns out, this was all predictable, even necessary.

Drawing from the work of Clare W. Graves and Spiral Dynamics, author Monica Bourgeau shares insights from her bestselling book The Change Code. She provides an overview of these developmental layers, why they’re causing so much friction and tension in our society, and how this is part of the normal evolutionary process. Monica also shared specific steps we can take to make this transformational shift a little less rocky – for ourselves and others.

Just like humanity’s transition from hunter/gatherer to farmer, and again from an agrarian society to an industrial one, we are now inevitably transitioning into a new era.

But how we do it is our choice.

The future depends on how we choose to respond today.

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