The 9 Keys of Synchronicity: Answers are All Around you Hidden in Plain View with Dr. Philip Merry

  • Are you curious when answers to life’s questions appear out of the blue?
  • Would you like to know how to make it a more consistent part of your life?
  • Synchronicity thought leader Dr. Philip Merry provides the answers.

Based on Dr Merry’s PhD research on what facilitates synchronicity, this unique session will help you set the stage for synchronicity to come calling in your life. Integrating practical synchronicity stories with ideas from quantum physics, neurobiology, cosmology, holography and psychology, you will learn how the 9 Keys of Synchronicity can open doors that give you guidance for life’s questions.

  • What is synchronicity and how do we recognize it?
  • The New 9 Keys of Synchronicity model.
  • Connect the dots and build a more meaningful life.
  • Open the doors to possibility that are all around you hidden in plain view.

The 9 Keys to Synchronicity is eminently reasonable, comprehensive, and well written. I think it will appeal to the general public who are inspired by the sense of awe that accompanies synchronicities. And many readers will also resonate with the guidelines on how to “cause” synchronicities (which is an interesting paradox all by itself).”

Dean Radin, PhD, Chief Scientist, Institute of Noetic Sciences, and author of Entangled Minds, Real Magic and other books.

“In this marvelously crafted letter to humanity, Dr. Philip Merry presents a heart-inspired, spiritually seeking guide for noticing and using synchronicity in daily life. His broad range of lived experiences from London taxi driver, to family therapist, to world-wide leadership consultant…make this a superbly practical guide to the meaningful mysteries hiding in plain sight.”

Dr. Bernard Beitman, author of Meaningful Coincidences, founding director of The Coincidence Project and former chair of the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Missouri.

Dr. Philip Merry: Founder and CEO, PMCG Singapore Philip is a global team and leadership facilitator with over 40 years’ experience in 63 countries, specializes in Synchronicity and Teams, and his book 9 Keys of Synchronicity was published in 2022. Founder of Singapore’s PMCG, Philip is a master team trainer, has certified over 300 team facilitators, works with leading Global MNC’s and is a senior United Nations consultant. British by birth, Philip has been resident in Singapore since 1990, loves travelling in nature, is a Huddersfield Town supporter and was at one time a London taxi driver.
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