Supercharged Self-Healing: A Revolutionary Guide To High-Frequency States of Consciousness That Rejuvenate and Repair with R. J. Spina
Supercharged Self-Healing is the new paradigm of self-healing and liberation from suffering on all levels. It captures RJ Spina’s revolutionary Ascend the Frequencies Healing Technique that he invented to verifiably overcome permanent chest-down paralysis, severe chronic illness, life-threatening conditions, as well as achieve financial success.
The accomplishments of those who have utilized RJ’s teachings have gone above and beyond the mere resolution of ill health. Practitioners of these simple yet extraordinarily powerful enlightened understandings have been able to experience profound realization of goals and achievements, a deep and tangible inner peace, lasting joy, and the ability to transcend obstacles, malaise, and the dissatisfaction of everyday life.
These new metaphysical understandings and consciousness expanding protocols give the practitioner a tangible sense of empowerment and the tools to create the life they truly desire. RJ’s teachings supercharge the body/mind complex in ways never thought possible. Easy-to-use, understand, and implement into every facet of the human experience, these pragmatic teachings have given people the powerful gift of autonomy and sovereignty over the suffering and the limitations of the egoic mind conditioned by society.
Supercharged Self-Healing will forever change humanity’s understanding of itself, health, sickness, goal achievement, and joy. These teachings reveal the sacred gateways into hidden realms of accelerated self-rejuvenation, self-mastery, and liberation.
RJ Spina, is a true leader and metaphysical teacher, and the world has never needed one so desperately. He has verifiably healed himself of permanent chest-down paralysis, severe chronic illness, and life-threatening conditions through his own authentic transcendence. His teachings, wisdom, guidance, and revolutionary self-healing and self-realization technique has already completely changed and saved the lives of many across the globe. He has dedicated his life to the freeing and healing of humanity on all levels.
RJ currently lives in Canandaigua, NY with his partner and their Jack Russell/Chihuahua Sophia. He is the founder and President of the non-profit, Human Advancement Through Higher Consciousness and the author of the best-selling book Supercharged Self-Healing and the upcoming book Change Your Mind (August 2023 Llewellyn Worldwide and Blackstone Audible Publishing). He teaches revolutionary self-healing and self-realization courses, performs energy healings and counsels’ people worldwide.
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