Soul Medicine: The Future of Ancient Healing with Dr. Edward Tick



Ancient and world spiritual traditions teach that the key to healing is restoring the soul and re-aligning with the cosmic order. Healers facilitated altered states of consciousness without drugs or medicines to bring dreams, visions, and oracles that healed through catharsis, identity transformation, providing life guidance, revealing prescriptions and destinies, recovering buried memories, and reconnecting to the sacred.

Western medicine and psychotherapy originated in these practices over 3,300 years ago using holistic and naturopathic methodologies combined with “dream incubation” that brought seekers what Jung called “big dreams” providing direct healing or prescriptions. These resulted in thousands of “miracle cures” to intractable conditions of body, mind, heart, and spirit.

Edward Tick has been studying and practicing this tradition for decades and has led more than 20 pilgrimages overseas to replicate them. His new book Soul Medicine explores spiritual and holistic healing through the original healing practices of dream incubations, sacred theatre, vision and oracle seeking, philosophy and mythology. We will explore these ancient practices that are the origins of medicine and psychology and the blueprints of healing today.

Other Books by Dr. Edward Tick

“This major poetry collection speaks to the braid of courage and compassion that waits in each of us… it will heal something deep in you.”
– Mark Nepo

“A masterpiece from one of our wisest elders for understanding the complex dimensions of war trauma.”
– Peter Levine

“This provocative work has the type of universality and breadth one finds in the works of Joseph Campbell and Carl Jung. It probes the wisdom of the ancient Greeks, the teachings and rituals of our Native American heritage, the assessments of leaders such as President Lincoln and General Sherman, and the reflections of our modern-day warriors.”
―Marnie Lo Baugh, PhD, clinical and neuropsychologist, and Les Lo Baugh, Esq., attorney, Vietnam veteran, and advisory board member for, Hiawatha Institute for Indigenous Knowledge, and

“A thought-provoking assessment of healing approaches for veterans and a stinging critique of America’s adoration for war.”
―Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat, contributors for “Spirituality and Practice”

“From his practice of treating severely traumatized Vietnam veterans in the late ’70s and ’80s, psychotherapist Edward Tick came to believe that traditional Western medicine could not adequately heal deeply wounded souls and he embarked on an exploration of healing practices worldwide. His search brought him to ancient Greece and what he claims are the roots of modern medicine.

“Tick introduces readers to the Greek mythological figure of Asklepios, who was believed to be the first spiritual healer or psychiatrist…[and] takes readers along on the healing journeys he has experienced and witnessed in others.”
―Susan Schulman for Publishers Weekly

Dr. Ed Tick has been a “thought leader” in restoring ancient and worldwide spiritual teachings and practices to achieve personal and collective transformation and true soul healing

Ed is an archetypal psychotherapist, author, poet, educator, international journey leader, and peace activist, and well-known for his contributions to healing war trauma. He affirms, with Hippocrates, that “all illnesses begin in the soul.” To help restore transformational healing at the soul level, he has been studying and utilizing the ancient Greek origins of psychotherapy and medicine for half a century and has guided 22 healing journeys to Greece since 1995. He first presented this work, originating with the god of healing Asklepios and achieved through “dream incubation,” in his now-classic book The Practice of Dream Healing (2001). His new book Soul Medicine, premiering tonight, presents his twenty years of work since, incorporating the facilitation of big dreams, seeking visions and oracles, and utilizing sacred theatre and Socratic dialogue to achieve transformation and healing at the soul level. 

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