Reweaving Our Bond with Earth and Stars with Veronica Goodchild, PhD

Beginning with a dream she had in which Jung shows her the relationship between a star and our earth, Veronica goes on to first explore Jung’s synchronicity principle which moves his psychology from inside to outside, reconnecting psyche with nature, soul, and world. This challenges our Western paradigm of science, causality and materialism, and invites a new worldview to include the connection of spirit with matter, and a new consciousness that includes acausality, nonlocality, the co-creative faculty of imagination, and what Veronica calls eros awareness in addition to logos consciousness.
Jung’s work with quantum physicist, Wolfgang Pauli, confirms this new perspective in which psyche and nature become two sides of the same coin originating from the same unified source. Some analogies with the mystic alchemists and their preoccupations with the psyche/matter mysteries, and the realm of subtle bodies are made.
Different approaches toward both the symbolism of stars and the reality of star beings acknowledged both by indigenous cultures and current UFO phenomena, together with the recent crop circle formation phenomena are offered as examples of our consciousness needing to embrace a vaster vision of reality demanded by the crises of our current times and the necessity to return to our sacred bond with earth and the wider cosmos of which we are a part.

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Veronica Goodchild, PhDis Professor Emerita at Pacifica Graduate Institute and an Affiliate Member of the Inter-Regional Society of Jungian Analysts. Led by dreams and pursuing her long interest in the spirit-matter connection and the subtle realm, she has explored sacred sites in England, France, Greece, Peru, and Egypt. Walking solo on one of the Camino paths in France initiated by a dream and her concerns about our environmental crises, inspired her to create her own pilgrimage journeys, combining visits to sacred sites with the mythic and ancient stories that underlie many temples, shrines, and oracular portals. These journeys have included the Magdalene Mysteries in France, the Bee priestess Oracular tradition in Crete and mainland Greece, and the Grail and Celtic legends in the UK. Veronica has had a long-term interest in the crop circle formation phenomena, and most recently has explored them as oracular portals. A recent trip to Egypt has rekindled an abiding interest in our relationship to the stars and our cosmic origins.
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