Religion Beyond Tribalism with Rabbi Rami Shapiro PH.D.

A tribe is a human community bound together by shared history, family, race, gender, ideas, values, vision, geography, politics, or some combination of these. There is nothing inherently evil about tribes. Tribalism, on the other hand, is the elevation of your tribe above all other tribes and in opposition to all other tribes. There is something inherently evil about tribalism.
People who love Coca-Cola are a tribe. People who love Pepsi-Cola are a tribe. Pepsi tribe members who murder Coke tribe members because they are Coke tribe members have fallen victim to tribalism. Coke tribe members who murder other Coke tribe members for marrying Pepsi tribe members have fallen victim to tribalism. If this sounds absurd to you regarding Coke and Pepsi, it should sound no less absurd to you regarding Jews and Christians, and Hindus and Muslims. Imagining God loves you can be healthy. Imagining God loves only you is psychopathic. Excusing your psychopathology by calling it theology doesn’t change a thing.
Drawing on his book Judaism Without Tribalism, Rabbi Rami will lead us in a bold examination of religion in hopes of liberating us and our religions from the madness of tribalism.


Judaism Without Tribalism investigates Judaism at its best—and sanest. It strips away outdated and harmful beliefs that have accrued over the centuries and returns to the essential truths that are too-often ignored in favor of tradition, tribal identity, or the claims of the powerful. The result is a vibrant Judaism for the 21st century and beyond—a Judaism that draws deeply from history and scripture yet addresses the unmet needs of the present and the future. It is a Judaism that is open and accessible to everyone.

Judaism without tribalism is a call to be a light unto the nations, and a blessing to all the people of the earth. It is a Judaism free from legalism and tribalism—a Judaism that refuses to serve patriarchy and power. Written by one of today’s most respected—and most unconventional— Jewish thinkers, Judaism Without Tribalism is a manifesto, an invitation to completeness, and a call for inner and outer spiritual revolution. It is also a deeply practical guide to living authentically, breath by breath and day by day.

Other Books by Rabi Rami Shapiro

Rabbi Rami Shapiro PH.D. is an award–winning author of over thirty-six books on religion and spirituality. He received rabbinical ordination from the Hebrew Union College–Jewish Institute of Religion and holds a PH.D. in religion from Union Graduate School. A rabbinic chaplain with the USAF for 3 years, a congregational rabbi for 20, and a professor of religious studies for 10, Rabbi Rami currently co-directs the One River Foundation ( Rami is also a Contributing Editor at Spirituality and Health magazine where he writes the Roadside Assistance for the Spiritual Traveler column for the print magazine, the Spirituality & column for the digital magazine, and hosts the magazine’s bi-weekly podcast, Spirituality & Health with Rabbi Rami.
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