Psychic Phenomena, and Human Evolution with Michael Grosso, Ph.D.
Arguably, psychic phenomena point toward human evolution—a reasonable hypothesis. In his talk, Michael Grosso will sketch a portrait of what that evolutionary process might look like, reviewing the various components of our psychic life, extrasensory and psychokinetic. We will try to imagine the ways in which the fuller development of these psi functions will change the way we live
During this exercise, we will note two things: first, uncanny connections with UAPs, and second, we will call attention to the context of our need to ponder our extraordinary species potential. That context is a twofold growing threat to global life: climate chaos and nuclear war.

 The hopeful note here is that as the famous near-death experience (NDE) opens people to the wonders of self-transformation, so our growing planetary near-death crisis may release a new wave of creative inspiration, furnishing the key to survival.

Michael A. Grosso studied classics and obtained his Ph.D in philosophy from Columbia University. He has taught philosophy and the humanities at CUNY, New Jersey City University, Kennedy University, etc. Due to his own unusual experiences, he has focused on philosophy of mind, with an emphasis on phenomena and human experience at odds with mainstream materialist trends.

He has published eight books, including his latest, Smile of the Universe: Miracles in an Age of Disbelief. Michael’s current focus is on exploring ways to tap into the deeper creative reserves of our mental life.

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