My Journey Down the UFO Rabbit Hole with Brent Raynes
Brent details his slightly over 57 years of delving into the controversial enigma commonly known as unidentified flying objects. The prominent mainstream theory held by ufologists and best known to the general public at large regarding this phenomenon is that all evidence points towards it representing otherworldly extraterrestrial visitors coming to earth in spaceships.
However, that supposition, which he himself clung to early on, from 1967 to sometime in 1968, gradually was replaced by more complex, alternative ideas and evidence that suggested this thing had more moving parts and historical backgrounds than he could have previously imagined back at the beginning.

 One prominent UFO researcher and author, a New York journalist named John A. Keel, whom Brent began corresponding with in 1969, had the greatest impact on his future directions in this field. He even came to write a book about Keel and how he inspired Brent’s journey, along with those of other researchers. Keel detoured from the conventional perspective most think of with regard to the UFO subject. He really shook things up and challenged the mainstream views of ufology. He stated that ufology should have been a branch of parapsychology and that the UFOs and beings reportedly associated with such reported encounters were not so different from ghosts or apparitions. They had just become embodied in a different frame of reference, of which there are many.

Brent Raynes has been immersed in the UFO subject since age 14, beginning in January 1967. He is editor of the monthly online magazine Alternate Perceptions (, which began initially back in 1985 as a 4-page newsletter titled Paraufology Forum. He is the author of Visitors from Hidden Realms (2004), On the Edge of Reality (2009), and John A. Keel: The Man, The Myths, and the Ongoing Mysteries (2019).   

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