Edgar Cayce on the Akashic Records, Reincarnation and Family Karma with Kevin J. Todeschi, MA
Edgar Cayce has been called “the most documented psychic of all time,” “the miracle man of Virginia Beach,” and “the sleeping prophet.” For more than 40 years, Cayce gave psychic dissertations, called readings, on literally thousands of topics. The Edgar Cayce database consists of 24 million words. Hundreds of books have been written about this man’s amazing life and work, and even now more individuals come to the Cayce headquarters ( ) each and every day than came to Edgar Cayce in his entire lifetime.

This program explores the Cayce information at its source – what he called the “Akashic Records” – and examines Cayce’s understanding of Reincarnation and Family Karma. Led by the Executive Director and CEO of the Edgar Cayce work, Kevin J. Todeschi, you will explore some of the case histories from the Cayce files and gain insights into the dynamics of some of your own personal, family relationships.

For more than 45 years, Kevin has made an in-depth study of the Edgar Cayce material, especially as it relates to soul growth and personal development. His bestselling book, Edgar Cayce on the Akashic Records, describes how rather than simply being a record of the past, the Akashic Records are actually an interactive source of information that draws experiences and relationships to individuals for their own soul development. They are also constantly calculating “possible realities” for our individual futures. His book, Edgar Cayce on Reincarnation and Family Karma, examines the universal dynamics of why individuals are drawn toward one another.

During this insightful program, you will:

  • Glimpse your own Akashic Record and discover a probable past life and insights into your present experiences.
  • Examine the dynamics of human relationships and explore case histories from the Cayce files that can enable us to understand the value in even our most challenging relationships.
  • Take away insights into what you may be learning from both your challenging and positive relationships.

This presentation examines some of the most interesting concepts in the Cayce readings. It is a recording you won’t want to miss!

Comments received about Kevin

Kevin’s history, experience, and immersion in the Edgar Cayce readings makes him one of the BEST speakers on these topics!


What is best about his programs are his stories and his ability to explain complex topics in an easy-to-understand manner!


Excellent presentation by a fabulous speaker! Eye-opening, entertaining, and fast moving. I did not want the program to end.


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