Crossing the Threshold: Intimate contact with Our Eternal Nature with John Mark Stroud

What if the threshold between the temporary and the eternal is always here, now? What if we can learn to access that eternal experiential truth simply and effortlessly here, now?  And what if they body, as illusory as it may be, is a wonderful helpmate in the process?

Come join John Mark on a journey beyond mind and all its ideas, concepts and beliefs into Direct Experiential Gnosis. Using the ever present Light of Awareness and simply using that Light in new ways we can cross over the threshold between all that is temporary to the eternal. When Jesus said “I AM the Door, enter in and I will give you rest,” it is just that doorway we will enter within, crossing over the threshold.

There is nothing you need to know, nothing you need study, you have all the tools and power within you to do this here, now.

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