Compassionate Communication Foundations Training – RECORDING AVAILABLE!


COMPASSIONATE COMMUNICATION (CC), also known as Nonviolent Communication, is rooted in the awareness of the universality of our human needs and of how we use language to express and meet those needs. It is a LANGUAGE of MOVEMENT and PROCESS that invites us to listen to the source of LIFE within us.

CC proposes an interactive model and a mindset that re-frame our use of language, thus inviting honest expression and emphatic listening to be our essential connectors. It supports developing self- responsibility and agency, and it deepens our understanding of ourselves and others as well as gives us concrete tools to create authentic and meaningful conversations where all needs are heard.

This Compassionate Communication Foundations Training is for all who want to co-create empowering relationships NOW. It is a dynamic introduction of the Compassionate Communication mindset and its key principles. It provides an opportunity to study key concepts, develop practical skills and tools in a spirit of open curiosity and engagement. 

What can this new language and mindset offer us?

  • It deepens our understanding of what matters
  • It supports self-expression
  • It increases our chances of being heard and seen
  • It supports self-connection and interdependence
  • It develops self-responsibility
  • It empowers relationships
  • It creates a real dialogue through concrete tools
  • It builds a strong foundation for conflict resolution
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