Afterlife Interrupted: Helping Souls Cross Over A Conversation with Nathan G. Castle, O.P.
Fr. Nathan: “[In my books]…I explained the method my prayer partners and I use to help souls who had died sudden, violent deaths to complete their passage. It appeared they did not experience what people who survive a Near Death Experience often report: that is, leave their body, move down a path, perhaps through a tunnel, and meet previously deceased loved ones. It became clear to me early on that the people who were sent to me in dreams completed only the first part. Some trauma brought about their death and made it impossible to live in their bodies any longer. But somehow, they had not found peace. They were in some sort of temporary place that often felt frustrating to them, even if they had sort of constructed it themselves.

“…Once in a while, we deal with persons who I think of as stuck, very often because they’re in a trauma loop.

“…Most people who die traumatically quickly complete their transition into the afterlife. Only a few need the kind of assistance my prayer partners and I have been asked to provide…[We] are part of a continuum of care. Many of the people whom we help were so traumatized that, in healthcare terms, they were in intensive care.”

In his book, Fr. Nathan addresses questions like:

  • Is death survivable?
  • What does he do to help people cross over?
  • Does time exist in the afterlife?
  • Do deceased relatives help us adjust to moving through our deaths?

 Books by Nathan G. Castle O.P.

Nathan G. Castle, O.P. is originally from Groves, Texas. He graduated from Trinity University in San Antonio and entered the Dominican order in 1979. Father Nathan received MA and MDiv degrees from the Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, California. He served in campus ministries at Arizona State University, Stanford, and UC Riverside for 27 years. He came to Stanford in 2007 and served as Pastor/Director of the Catholic Community at Stanford. Father Nathan has chaired the Executive Board of the Catholic Campus Ministry Association (CCMA). He enjoys golf, spending time with friends and cheering on his favorite sports teams, especially Stanford football and Houston Astros baseball.
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