A Spiritual Journey in A Physical World with Greg Thompson
Greg Thompson has had many spiritual transformative experiences such as talking with his guardian angel, learning at the ages of four and five that he has a path to follow but not told what it is except that he has choices, and learning that everyone around him does not have the same insights into future events like he does. He also learned that he could not talk about any of these things because no one would believe him; some looked at him with distrust. By the age of eight he stopped talking about it at all except with his mother.
When he went to college, the world opened to him. He met people of different religious backgrounds, ethnicity, political views, and they talked with each other! They listened and respected each other’s opinions and beliefs.

 This realization caused his mind to open, and he started communicating with his spirit guides. They have been with him ever since then. He saw future events, one which haunted him for thirty or more years until it happened: the attack on the World Trade Center on 9/11/2001. He found help with his guilt about not stopping it and has been able to come to peace with it. He now communes with the spiritual world while also being in the physical world. He is now ready to talk about his experiences and help others who are trying to understand what is happening to them in this time of chaos. This mission is his path.

Greg Thompson is a retired IBM software engineer who lives with spirit guides daily. They help him through rough times and rejoice with him when life is good. He personally has had several near‐death experiences and one shared experience.

Book by Greg Thompson

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