Women’s Chi Movement & Meditation: QiGong Cultivating the Light Within

Posted on: May 23, 2017

Sunday, November 5,  10 am – 12 pm.

 With Mara Jackson

$10 per meeting

designed to easily open the body using the earth’s healing energy. We practice to connect with the subtler messages from the inner feeling being, cultivate resiliency and life energy.  Foundations of this practice come from QiGong, Yoga, and soft form KungFu.  This is an all levels class, appropriate for anyone comfortable standing and moving without effort for approximately 45 min.

The second half of our women’s circle is focused on internal QiGong (Meditation through guided imagery and invitation for internal questioning). These meditation practices work to connect with and heal the Womb energy both of your own body and the greater interconnected Womb energy of all women.  Connecting to and healing the energy of the Womb is one of the keys to feminine resiliency and vitality.  Womb inclusive presence can seriously uplift you life, especially if you have difficult cycles, whether you still have the physical parts or not, this work is powerful and accessible.  All women of all ages welcome.

Nov 5 focus: Fortify inner sanctuary, self-healing, self-care, self-trust

Mara Jackson focuses her life toward helping women heal their bodies & re-ignite natural resiliency.  In addition to private BodyWork sessions which blend deep tissue, guided meditation, and energy work, Mara offers classes in Chi movement & meditation to teach the building blocks of self-healing to all.

She has studied, laughed, lived and traveled with many, many teachers across 13 countries – and counting! Endlessly curious and dedicated to learning, she lives in the deeper meaning and alternative possibilities of life.

“I weave into each mission my love of Nature and the intent to use the old ways to bring balance into our lives today.”


At The Caritas Center * 5723 Arapahoe Avenue * Boulder, CO 80303

303-449-3066 * www.CaritasCenter.org

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