Three Types of Light for Healing and Advanced Practices: Transcendent Light, Measurable Light, Elusive Light with Debra Overberg BSEE, LMT
This presentation was broadcast live on Zoom and recorded on December 16. The video recording is available for viewing.

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What do Sublime Light, neutrinos, and photons have in common?

How are they different?

How do these things fit into the healing process and enhance yogic practices?

We looked at the science of light. And we created an experience of these using the Light of the Heart. We saw if we can get an intuitive feel for these types of light in our own biofield (body mind spirit).

Including a short practice to heal your own heart in relationship to those with opposing perspectives. Help heal the political divide by healing ourselves.

Debra Overberg

Debra Overberg

Debra Overberg, BSEE, LMT spent her electrical engineering career working with fields and waves of the electromagnetic sort. Now, she’s passionate about helping people experience fields and waves of Light of another sort, via classes and biofield healing sessions. At Energy Medicine University she studied biophysics, bioenergy, Vedic consciousness, and ancient healing practices. Debra’s website:

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