The Mystery of Ascension

Posted on: May 22, 2017

Ascension Thursday, May 25, 7 – 9 pm,

with Prof. Dennis Evenson.


“When people strive again to fill the course of the year with spiritual understanding for the festival seasons, the seasons will be imbued once more with real cosmic existence.  Within earthly existence human beings will learn to accompany and experience cosmic existence.”                                                                                                                                   – Rudolf Steiner 

Each spring nature announces her ascension in myriad marvelous instances. At Ascension tide, the Earth is graced with a lavish profusion of flowering.  What world mysteries are harbored within the ascension forces we find so wondrously manifest in flower blossom and cloud formation?  When Earth greens herself so abundantly it is a demonstration of her soul’s ascent heavenward, after her winter in-breath.  As her soul ascends a response from celestial heights reaches down to meet her.  For one who can read the script of nature the blossoming indicates that Gaia’s skyward ascent leads to an alchemical wedding with the heavenly forces, for heaven is not just a transcendent beyond, but the super-sensible sphere that supports and suffuses all earthly existence.

The elements form earthly existence under the patronage of heaven. How do we work with the substances of the Earthly and heavenly realms in a consecrated and sacramental way so that the spiritual presences holding sway within them become livingly accessible to us?  Please feel free to join us for this talk and group meditation as we open ourselves to the forces of Ascension streaming their grace filled influences to Earth at this festival season.

Prof. Dennis Evenson is a Sufi priest, was a Teaching Fellow at Harvard and Oxford, a workshop leader at Findhorn, served on the Central Communications Committee of the U.N. and was Director of Education of the Long Island Conservatory. 

At The Caritas Center

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