Tania Stewart

Posted on: July 3, 2019

Meet Visiting Brazilian Spiritual Healer Tania Stewart

Friday, July 12 7:00 – 10:00pm

Unitarian Universalist Church
5001 Pennsylvania Ave., Boulder, CO 80303


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For many years, Brazil has captivated our imagination with stories of fantastic healings and spiritual phenomena. Now you can experience a part of this cultural and spiritual tradition in Boulder as Tania Stewart is able to demonstrate a type of trance mediumship very rare in the United States – the channeling of spirits for the purpose of healing. Over the last eight years, Tania and her husband, Greg Stewart, working together as Brazilian Spiritual Healing, have assisted more than 8,000 people throughout the United States and Brazil. Tania’s work is of a spiritual nature, yet non-denominational and open to all beliefs.

“Working with Tania has been deeply healing. I thought I had let go of all the trauma from the death of my father almost 40 years ago – suicide. I had done many years of letting go, therapy, etc., and felt in a good place about it. but there was more that I was unaware of. In my session with Tania, she saw  deeply into me and helped me to release remaining pain. when I left the session, many people said I looked much lighter. from that moment on, I have felt calmer  and able to love others and myself with much greater ease. Working with Tania gave me much greater freedom in my life. I recommend her highly.”

– Glenn Fisher, New York

The group healing event will open with a brief introduction and spiritual talk, followed by prayer and meditation to help raise what is often referred to in Brazil as ‘current.’ Sitting in current can often help with physical and emotional healing as well as spiritual development. After prayer and meditation, trance mediumship and hands- on healing will be demonstrated by Tania, offering individuals an opportunity to continue to sit in current as well as receive individual and group healings. There are numerous spirits that participate with Brazilian Spiritual Healing, including spirits that speak English, Spanish and Portuguese. Tania Stewart  is a natural born medium from Brazil who has helped others with her spiritual gifts and mediumship since childhood. Tania’s interest in Spirituality and Alternative Healing began in 1994 while she was working as a hospital administrator in Brazil and began to receive spiritual messages that were extremely helpful to some of the patients, particularly those who were terminally ill and/or suffered from psychological afflictions. Today, through her private sessions, Tania practices Holistic Spiritual Therapy®, her own unique service that is a result of over twenty years of study and practice as a Spiritual Counselor, Alternative Healer and Phyto Energetic Therapist (plant based therapy). Tania is co-founder of Brazilian Spiritual Healing and Vice President of the  Bezerra Spiritual Healing Center  in Penryn, CA.

This event is free and will be hosted by Caritas Consciousness Project

Private Sessions will be available with Tania from Monday, July 15th through Thursday, July 18th from 10:00 AM until 6:00 PM. To schedule a private session with Tania or for more information, please contact our event coordinator, Maria Pacca at 917-293-4179. Appointments will be confirmed after payment has been sent via PayPal to: [email protected].
Holistic Spiritual Therapy.

During your private session with Tania, your interaction may include connecting with past lives, messages from deceased loved-ones, light healing touch, cleansing of the chakras, and/or an overview of your emotional and spiritual consciousness encompassing every dimension from the physical to the spiritual.

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