Special Movie Presentation: The Mothers of Chico Xavier

Posted on: August 13, 2012

A film that stirs the emotions.

Friday, August 31, 7 pm.

There is just one thing more significant than losing a child… discovering that the child still lives.

Inspired by true stories told by Marcel Souto Maior in his book Behind the Veil of Isis


Ruth (Via Negomonte) is trying to cope with her adolescent son’s addiction; Elisa (Vanessa Gerbelli) has an absent husband and lives for her child who’s turning 5; and young Lara (Taina Muller*) is struggling with the dilemma of an unwanted pregnancy. Their destinies are suddenly transformed by posthumous messages channeled by serene medium, Chico Xavier. The three mothers rediscover hope and joy in their lives under the investigative eye of the journalist, Karl.

* Taina Muller won best supporting actress for this role in the Brazilian Film Festival in Los Angeles, USA.

 Chico Xavier was Brazil’s most well-loved medium of the 20th century.  Nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 1981 and 1982, Chico channeled over 400 books in his lifetime which were works of spiritual teaching, novels, poetry and philosophy, including some in foreign languages in which he was not fluent. All royalties from his books were donated to charitable causes.  Consoling grieving family members with messages from their loved ones in the spirit world, Chico was widely respected as a great medium and healer.

“The task of bringing comfort to grieving families by means of the letters is what I find most gratifying as a medium.” – Chico Xavier

Portuguese with English subtitles.


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