Silver Linings: Free Open Forum with Shelby Demby

A Live Forum for exploring hidden evolutionary opportunities in a time of chaos.

What started as a global “pause” triggered by a deadly pandemic became a spotlight revealing many dysfunctional and inequitable underpinnings of our society. The ensuing struggle, triggered by a brutal act, continues between the forces for fundamental societal change and the defenders of the status quo. We are all participants, in one way or another, in this evolutionary turning point. How can we use this historic moment of crisis/opportunity to generate a giant leap forward for humanity?

Our guest speaker was Shelby Demby, President of the Colorado Division of Restorative Justice Education, who informs us about the principles of restorative justice and ways of implementing them in schools to create an optimal learning environments for all students.

Topic: Principles of Restorative Justice

Selby Demby

Selby Demby

Shelby Demby, Managing Director Restorative Justice Education Shelby has been immersed in Restorative Practices for more than seven years; from working with students, supporting initial implementation of Restorative Practices in schools across the nation, training school staff and building positive work culture with for-profit businesses.   As Managing Director of RJEd, Shelby oversees operations, procedures and processes to advance the efficacy and success of Restorative Justice Education. Along with operations, Shelby actively trains teachers, administrators, and peripheral community support in Restorative Practices.    When not behind a computer or presenting to groups, Shelby enjoys every minute with her family and soaking in the 300+ days of Colorado sunshine.
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