Healing From War and Violent Trauma: Forgiveness, Reconciliation, Atonement, Spirituality, and Cultural Immersion with Edward Tick

Our goal is not just to awaken the soul… Rather, our goal is to grow the soul large enough, to help it become wise and strong enough, so that it can surround the dominating wound we call trauma. The formula for healing the war-wounded soul is simple: surround trauma with soul. 

Join Ed Tick, PhD to honor the healing that has touched the many war-torn souls in the U.S. and overseas. Ed has been on a 40+ year path of healing war’s veterans and survivors. During the last 20 years he has guided international reconciliation journeys to Viet Nam for veterans, survivors, activists, and pilgrims. Experience this healing through Ed’s new book, Coming Home In Viet Nam, the “poetry of witness” born of these journeys. Listen to poems and stories which illuminate the power to transform “foes” into “friends” and “war” into “peace,” within our hearts, minds, and larger world. Learn about practicing “spirituality in community” as the direct antidote to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Come together to raise healing consciousness, support all survivors of war and violence, and share and honor these powerful and important practices and books documenting four decades of war healing and peace making.

Ed’s presentation premieres his newly published seventh book, Coming Home In Viet Nam, a 20-year collection of his poetry documenting immersion in Vietnamese culture for war healing and reconciliation. We include an overview of Ed’s four decades of transformational healing work with war survivors and how to understand PTSD and moral injury as psycho-spiritual-communal wounding that we can indeed heal through “spirituality in community.”

Books by Dr. Edward Tick

“This major poetry collection speaks to the braid of courage and compassion that waits in each of us… it will heal something deep in you.”
– Mark Nepo

“A masterpiece from one of our wisest elders for understanding the complex dimensions of war trauma.”
– Peter Levine

“This provocative work has the type of universality and breadth one finds in the works of Joseph Campbell and Carl Jung. It probes the wisdom of the ancient Greeks, the teachings and rituals of our Native American heritage, the assessments of leaders such as President Lincoln and General Sherman, and the reflections of our modern-day warriors.”
―Marnie Lo Baugh, PhD, clinical and neuropsychologist, and Les Lo Baugh, Esq., attorney, Vietnam veteran, and advisory board member for SupportVetsNow.org, Hiawatha Institute for Indigenous Knowledge, and ProjectPeaceOnEarth.org

“A thought-provoking assessment of healing approaches for veterans and a stinging critique of America’s adoration for war.”
―Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat, contributors for “Spirituality and Practice”

“From his practice of treating severely traumatized Vietnam veterans in the late ’70s and ’80s, psychotherapist Edward Tick came to believe that traditional Western medicine could not adequately heal deeply wounded souls and he embarked on an exploration of healing practices worldwide. His search brought him to ancient Greece and what he claims are the roots of modern medicine.

“Tick introduces readers to the Greek mythological figure of Asklepios, who was believed to be the first spiritual healer or psychiatrist…[and] takes readers along on the healing journeys he has experienced and witnessed in others.”
―Susan Schulman for Publishers Weekly

Dr. Ed Tick has been a “thought leader” in healing war and violent trauma for over 40 years. Ed restores ancient and worldwide spiritual teachings and practices for war healing and warrior return in our modern world. He is an archetypal psychotherapist, author, poet, educator, international journey leader, and peace activist. He has formulated and practices community and spiritually based healing of violent and military trauma with a transformational and holistic approach. His work is presented in his groundbreaking book War and the Soul and five others. As part of this work, Ed has guided annual pilgrimages to Viet Nam since 2000 and to Greece since 1995.  

He uses methods from Ancient Greek, Native American, Vietnamese, and other traditions to restore the soul so that the veteran can, at last, truly return home.


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