Resilience Bridge

Posted on: September 26, 2017

Friday, October 13 * 9 am – 6 pm,

Saturday, October 14 * 9 am – 6 pm,

Sunday, October 15 * 9 am – 2 pm,

with Carolyn Baker, Ph.D. and Dean Walker.

We are living in a time like no other in human history. We are living in a Post-Truth world in which telling the truth is an unsafe act. Our individual and collective Shadows are wreaking havoc in our lives and running our world. The cornerstones of our Earth and human systems are collapsing. How we’ve gotten here is through disconnection from our sacred self, from each other and from Earth. This painful disconnection causes us to feel lost, confused and alone.

Carolyn Baker and Dean Walker will facilitate these essential steps to our healing and reconnection:

  • A safe container in which to explore these topics. Our denial-filled world of business as usual demands that we never question the status quo and never dare to feel or share our grief, rage, or even our love for our miraculous home. In Resilience Bridge, we invite full expression of your truth.
  • A clear understanding of how we arrived at our current Predicament.
  • Within this intensive course, we will offer tools and practices to reconnect us with our inner wisdom, other people, and Earth.
  • A deepened understanding of the individual and cultural Shadow within and around us and specific tools for Shadow healing.
  • Access to advanced resources such as crafted online content, resilience coaching, and master classes.
  • Moving through our resistance to inhabiting our hearts by befriending all of our emotions. Expanding our emotional range far past the usual limits of our flat-line culture.
  • We will engage with this deep work using long standing rituals, processes and practices that honor our humanity, our compassion and our love of life.
  • An opportunity to completely reinvent our life purpose, mission and vision within a reconnected life.

Those of us who are awake enough to know that Earth and human systems are deeply threatened, know that to be effective now, is to have a foot firmly planted in each of two worlds. We must cross this bridge between the two worlds as we build it. We cannot build this bridge alone. We must find our tribe, find kindred spirits and engage in bridge building fueled by resilient practices for reconnection with meaningful life.

Tuition: Sliding Scale $250 – $450

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At The Caritas Center * 5723 Arapahoe * Boulder, CO 80303

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