Special Movie Presentation: Chico Xavier, Extraordinary Medium from Brazil

Posted on: August 13, 2012

Tuesday, September 4, 7 pm,

with Kelsie Kenefick, MPS, LPC, BCB.

Chico Xavier is a moving portrayal of the extraordinary life of Brazil’s most well-loved medium of the 20th century.  Nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 1981 and 1982, Chico channeled over 400 books in his lifetime which were works of spiritual teaching, novels, poetry and philosophy, including some in foreign languages in which he was not fluent. All royalties from his books were donated to charitable causes.  Consoling grieving family members with messages from their loved ones in the spirit world, Chico was widely respected as a great medium and healer.

With fine acting and direction, the film depicts Chico’s life from a difficult childhood – his mother dies when the boy is 5, though she frequently visits and comforts him after her death – to old age, when he was celebrated internationally for his great service to humanity.  Don’t miss this stirring film!

Portuguese with English subtitles.

At The Caritas Center

Tickets: $10

Questions? Contact Kelsie at [email protected]
or call her at 303-247-0047

Kelsie Kenefick, MPS, LPC, BCB has been given full blessings from the spirits that come through John of God to share his work with others. She is an authorized casa guide and leads groups of people to Brazil for deep healing.Kelsie, a caring and compassionate guide, is an award winning author, Licensed Professional Counselor, and medical biofeedback therapist (BCIA) in Boulder.



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