Michaelmas: The Festival of the Archangel Michael

Posted on: September 18, 2017

Thursday, September 28, 7 – 9 pm,

Hosted by Prof. Dennis Evenson.

“The world of spirits awaits with longing the approach of humankind!”   – Rudolf Steiner 

Michaelmas addresses a question to humanity: You have been given a gift that stands like a forge at the center of your being. As a spiritual hierarchy in the making, you are meeting extremely challenging life and cultural situations.  Life on Earth is an initiatory journey full of tests.  The celebration of Michaelmas is one path, one school for discovering the strength to meet these tests out of the core of your humanity.  Oh Human, are you yet mature enough to shoulder the responsibility for the development of a portion of cosmic life? – To  further the life of the spiritual world out of your own efforts?

Rudolf Steiner lived with the expectation that the Michael force might one day find expression in great Michael Festivals.  “It must be our goal that the awakening life-seeds of the future, which can be felt still in embryo, should culminate in festivals of hope.” “When the time comes to celebrate [Michaelmas] in a worthy manner, it will send a mighty impulse through the whole of humankind… A new soul world has to be founded among human beings. And the Michael principle is the leading impulse for this.”

A great desire to help humanity prevails in the spiritual world! The divine worlds would proclaim themselves!  Please join us if you feel inspired to undertake the task of deepening your connection with this great over-lighting spirit of our time so that strength and determination for the future might be drawn for our common evolutionary tasks.


Prof. Dennis Evenson is a Sufi priest, was a Teaching Fellow at Harvard and Oxford Universities, served on the Central Communications Committee of the U.N.; was Director of Education of the Long Island Conservatory and led Michaelmas gatherings at Findhorn and the New York Open Center.

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