New Weekly Study Group Reading and Discussing The Dream of the Cosmos: Quest for the Soul
A Book by Anne Baring, Ph.D.

Study Facilitator: Gloria Coelho

Meeting Weekly on Mondays, beginning July 25


5:30pm - 7:00pm MDT



$5 weekly donation is requested.

All events and classes are broadcast online using ZOOM. 

For more information in this class, call 303-562-5695

” A masterpiece that will last a long time and deserves to be read by all seekers and anyone interested in the birthing of a new civilization out of the chaos of our time”
– Andrew Harvey, author of The Return of the Mother”

The Dream of the Cosmos is the story of a multi-layered quest to understand the causes of human suffering and to reconnect with a deeper reality than the one we inhabit in this physical dimension of experience. It seeks to answer the

 questions: “Who are we?” And “Why are we here on this planet?” It is offered to those who are looking for something beyond the superficial values of our culture, who may be disillusioned with religious and secular belief systems as currently presented and who question political values which are deeply mired in the pursuit of power. It is written with two voices: one of the voice of personal quest and the other which explores the historical and psychological causes that have brought into being our present view of reality.

Study Facilitator:

Gloria Coelho founder and director of The Caritas Center in Boulder, has been teaching courses in Jungian-based dreamwork for over 20 years. Also a Spiritist healer, Gloria often utilizes dream interpretation to assist people in their emotional, spiritual and/or physical healing process.


Anne Baring b. 1931. MA Oxon; PhD (Hons) in Wisdom Studies Ubiquity University 2018. Jungian Analyst, author and co-author of 7 books including, with Jules Cashford, The Myth of the Goddess; Evolution of an Image; with Andrew Harvey, The Mystic Vision and The Divine Feminine; with Dr. Scilla Elworthy, Soul Power: An Agenda for a Conscious Humanity. Also a book for children, The Birds Who Flew Beyond Time. Her most recent book The Dream of the Cosmos: A Quest for the Soul (2013, updated and reprinted 2020) was awarded the Scientific and Medical Network Book Prize for 2013. The ground of all her work is a deep interest in the spiritual, mythological, shamanic and artistic traditions of different cultures. Her websites are devoted to the affirmation of a new vision of reality and the issues facing us at this crucial time of choice. and

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