John of God: A Paragon of Love from Brazil

Posted on: August 22, 2011

Saturday, August 27, 3 – 5 pm;

with Susie Verde.

For over fifty years, the man dubbed “John of God” has been doing what most of us would call miracles. He heals malignant tumors without a cut, helps the blind to see again, and supports the lame to walk once more. Though by now he’s seen millions of people from all over the world, John of God still says he has never healed anybody. He gives that credit to “God and the Good Spirits.” What seems clear is that he is a vehicle (or “medium”) for some of the most amazing healing work taking place on the planet today.

Since Oprah Winfrey’s ample coverage on a full episode of The Oprah Show and a long article in O Magazine (December 2010), his fame has spread to an even broader audience. It seems that no matter what type of healing is needed, for the thousands who flock each week to Abadi├ónia (a tiny little village in the middle of Brazil), the experience is truly unique and often life-changing.

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