IONS January- New Year Resolution: Become What I Believe

Posted on: December 9, 2014

Saturday, January 3, 10 am – 12 pm.

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If every person ceased this moment to read any more books, news or blogs, or attend any more talks or workshops, and focused our full attention and efforts to embody and express what we already think we believe— that alone would shift reality for everyone in amazing and beautiful ways beyond what we can imagine.  What is your highest truth, and are you living up to it?

We reside in an amazing time where we get to participate in and witness the merging of science, philosophy and spirituality.  Many have been seeking, learning and contemplating the knowledge that supports embracing practices of unconditional love, oneness, and infinite potential.  That each of us is a creator, an extension of Source/God/Universe.  Scientifically, the cutting edge researchers of quantum theory, neuroscience and epigenetics are documenting measurable and repeatable transformation of regular folks who decide to earnestly apply what they are learning.

Yet the effectiveness of any practice hinges on an individual making a holistic decision to change, not just an emotional or intellectual one.  Then, becoming consistent in our daily resolve— not just at the beginning of the year— to become the best possible example of our potential. Creating a safe, compassionate and inspiring space for all, let’s share what we think is possible and what resources we have that have already helped us.

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