Ions February Meeting Theme: From Cause-and-Effect to Causing an Effect: Trust in the Unknown to Become a Conscious Co-Creator

Posted on: January 13, 2015

Saturday, February 7, 10 am – 12 pm.

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Our last meeting explored taking self-responsibility for both personal life experience, and positively influencing collective human potential, by embodying and expressing our highest truth. Conversely, what is deemed to be truth eventually proves either not to be, a small part of something much bigger, or just temporarily useful in a finite context or moment in time within the big picture of life. What is observed in manifested physical reality is something that already happened (no longer now), was uniquely attracted and effected by the observer(s) intentions and preprogrammed subconscious, and is now evolving with or without our deliberate participation. If science has proven anything, it’s this: there is always more to discover and create.

This lead to the concept of trust. In spiritual practices, trusting in Life/God/Source or Self is a common tenet. If there is no absolute, consistent “truths” in our manifest experience, then how can we muster trust? Or, if we believe, and therefore fear, that if we don’t follow preset rules or accomplish something very specific that we personally, humanity, or the planet will suffer consequences; or that we are powerless, unworthy or insignificant… is it possible to trust— or have confidence, at all?

Can we learn to trust we are here to co-create an unpredictable future, and actually welcome the unknown?

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