The InPower Movement: Responding to the ‘smart’ meter agenda and other global problems

Posted on: October 2, 2017

Wednesday, October 11, 6 – 8 pm.

Presented by The Colorado EMF Alliance,

Suggested donation:  $5-10.

Join us in learning more about the exciting InPower Movement, developed by Josh del Sol Beaulieu, Cal Washington and their team. Josh created the award-winning documentary, Take Back Your Power, about the hazards of ‘smart’ utility meters, which have been referred to as radiation-emitting surveillance devices.

We’ll show Episode 2 from the InPower docu-series and talk about forming a local InPower group. (We recommend watching Episode 1 at before the meeting.) InPower Communications Coordinator Christine Zipps will be attending, and Josh and/or Cal may be able to Skype in to answer questions.

What is The InPower Movement?

It uses the Liability Action process: a mass action of claimants sending Notices (pre-written customized templates) to corporate and utility executives and government representatives, enforcing their individual commercial liability and holding them accountable for causing harm.

  • It is currently focusing on retaining existing analog meters and getting ‘smart’ meters removed, with the efforts of three pilot groups showing encouraging results.
  • It can be used to address other critical matters, such as mandatory forced vaccinations, the rollout of 5G technology, cell phone tower installations, geoengineering and fracking.
  • It provides an online community platform with support, guidance, videos and documents.

In the words of the team, “Propaganda and legal loopholes will no longer work for those putting profits before people — because we’ve learned to speak their ‘language’, playing by the very rules of their very own system.

The Colorado EMF Alliance was founded in 2015 by Riun Ashlie, Certified Electromagnetic Radiation Assessment Specialist. Our mission is to empower ourselves with an experientially-based understanding of the dangers of electromagnetic fields, as well as precautions and solutions that foster vitality and health.

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