The History of Spiritual and Psychic Phenomena

Posted on: January 9, 2018

Two Saturdays, March 10 and 17, 10:00 am – 4:00 pm,

with Gabe Sereni.

Throughout human history people have reported non-ordinary experiences of a spiritual or psychic nature, which were given different names in various cultures. Today they may be referred to as: transcendent, transpersonal, mystical, religious, paranormal, anomalous, or altered states of consciousness.

Throughout millennia, these experiences have been sought to solve problems, enhance self-development, find meaning and get answers to the biggest questions we have about life, death and the nature of reality.

From the Greek Oracle at Delphi and advanced meditators in Eastern traditions, to the mediums of Spiritualism and the birth of scientific research into Parapsychology and Transpersonal Psychology, this course will explore the events, experiences, people, and movements that shaped our spiritual and psychic history.

From a developmental standpoint, this compelling history illustrates the great potential that lies within all of us.

In this course you will:

  • Understand how various altered states of consciousness were approached, used and interpreted historically, such as
  1. Intuition
  2. Apparitions
  3. Meditative experiences
  4. Hypnosis
  5. Dreams
  6. Out-of-body experiences
  7. Precognition
  8. Rapture
  9. Telepathy
  10. Near-death experiences and others
  • Learn how the course of history was changed by dreams and other altered states of consciousness.
  • Explore the history of meditation, including cosmic consciousness and other states induced by meditative practices.
  • Hear fascinating, historical accounts of spiritual and psychic experiences.
  • Learn about how spiritual and psychic experiences and abilities were approached by various wisdom traditions and esoteric movements including:
  1. Greco-Roman Mystery Religions
  2. Hermeticism
  3. Tantric Buddhism
  4. Mesmerism
  5. Yoga
  6. Spiritualism / Spiritism
  7. Medieval Occultism
  8. Theosophy, and more
  9. Christian Mysticism
  • Gain insight into the experiences and abilities of noteworthy spiritual teachers, philosophers, mystics, occultists and psychics throughout history such as
  1. Saint Francis of Assisi
  2. Rudolph Steiner,
  3. Emmanuel Swedenborg
  4. Paramhansa Yogananda
  5. Madam Blavatsky
  6. Hamid Bey and more
  7. D. D. Hume
  • Discover the historical origin origins of scientific investigation into psychic phenomena and altered states of consciousness, from the early days of “psychical research” up to the present day. Learn about various researchers and their work, including Frederic Myers, Charles Richet, James Hyslop, and J.B. Rhine among others.

Gabriel Sereni is a researcher, speaker, and coach. He has served in various leadership positions in non-profit organizations involved in the scientific study of transcendent experiences and psi phenomena.  For over fifteen years he has given lectures and workshops worldwide on topics related to psychology, personal and spiritual growth, transcendent experiences, history and science. He has over two decades of experience studying and applying numerous practices for personal and spiritual growth and is an experienced meditator and instructor.

$125 for both Saturdays

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