FOLLOW-UP to Eastern Wisdom & Western Science: Buddhist Perspectives – Part II Coming SPRING 2018

Posted on: December 15, 2017

Many event attendees requested access to the panel slides.

Please find the approved slideshows we’ve received to date and panelist descriptions below. The Q&A questions are also listed.

This page will be updated as more information is obtained. Video links to be added soon.


Gee Gunawardhana, Ph.D. Organic Chemistry.  Chief Scientific Officer of a local company developing drug therapies for Alzheimer’s disease.  Raised in Sri Lanka in the early Buddhist Theravada tradition, Gee studies Buddhist texts. Graduate training in Australia, followed by research in medicinal chemistry at the University of Illinois, Chicago. Over 30 years in pharmaceutical R&D work at Merck, Abbott and Array Biopharma.

Dr. Gee’s slideshow: E.Wisdom & W.Science – Gee Gunawardhana, Ph.D._PDF


Nashalla Gwyn Nyinda, TMD, B.A., LMT. Tibetan medicine doctor at the Tibetan Medicine and Holistic Healing Clinic, Boulder. Guest faculty at Soring Khang International and Adjunct Faculty at Naropa University, teaching Anatomy.  Student of Venerable Thrangu Rinpoche. Doctor of Medicine degree (Menpa) with professional training in Nepal, India and Tibet . B.A at Naropa University with studies in Asian Medicines and Buddhist Psychology.

Nashalla’s slideshow: E.Wisdom & W.Science – Nashalla Gwyn Nyinda, TMD, B.A., LMT_PDF


Rick Walsh, A.B. (Harvard). Artificial Intelligence/Computing Systems Consultant. Member of Boulder Cosmology group, Physics group, Living Poets Society and the Great Books Group. Meditative experiences in his teens took Rick into the study of philosophy, religion, cognitive science and psycho-neurolinguistics. Rick’s computing technology projects include biotechnology, genetic mapping, aerospace and the International Space Station.

Rick’s slideshow: Buddhism_and_Science_Critas_panel_2017_12_03_Rick_Walsh


Questions from attendees to be covered at Part II of this event Spring 2018:

  1. What is the relationship between the Buddhist perspective on reality and the existence of dark matter ? (as an example of the unknown , is the Buddhist perspective a representation of “the unknown?”)
  2.  Can we ponder on the new quantum cosmology conception of  “the non- local field” and link
    it to Buddhist shunyata and other principles?
  3. Can Indian views on cyclic time and yugas find any correspondence in new cosmology findings about the nature of our universe and anything before it – if any evidence?
  4. What could we learn from relating Jesus Christ’s life and teachings to Buddha’ s life and teachings?
  5. Are there kundalini experiences on the Buddhist path also? Are they spoken about or written about, as in the Hindu/yoga tradition?

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