Extraordinary Awakenings - When Trauma Leads to Spiritual Transformation with Steve Taylor, Ph.D.

For 15 years, the transpersonal psychologist Steve Taylor has been researching cases of spontaneous spiritual awakening that occur in the midst of intense psychological turmoil. He describes the phenomenon in his new book Extraordinary Awakenings.
In times of bereavement, serious illness, addiction, deep depression, and intense stress a miraculous transformation sometimes occurs: the death of an old identity and the birth of a new, spiritually awakened self.
In this session, Steve gives some examples of these extraordinary awakenings
from his research and explains the reasons why intense suffering can cause
them. Then he explains what we can learn from the phenomenon, with principles that we can apply to our own spiritual development.
He will lead exercises and meditations to show how we can cultivate a state of acceptance and free ourselves from our psychological attachments.
Steve Taylor PhD is the author of many best-selling books on spirituality and psychology including The Leap, The Calm Center and his new book Extraordinary Awakenings. For the last ten years, Steve has been included in Mind, Body, Spirit magazine’s list of the ‘100 most spiritually influential living people.’ He is a lecturer and researcher in psychology at Leeds Beckett University, UK, Eckhart Tolle has referred to his work as “an important contribution to the shift in consciousness that is happening on our planet.” www.stevenmtaylor.com
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