A Workshop with Luís Martins Simões,

Friday – Sunday, May 3 – 5.

Intuition is a timeless subtle flow. Going with the flow is the natural state of the universe, of nature and of human beings. Beliefs, thoughts, attachments and emotions are all forms we’ve learnt to use, but the truth is they impede us from listening to intuition and block our natural flow. Every blockage creates an obstacle which, in humans, is represented by physical and emotional symptoms. Thus, we have the illusion that our life is difficult, but in fact it is very simple. The flow sprouts from inside and forms are imposed from outside. Our quest is to separate what comes from within from what comes from outside.

About the Workshop:


This workshop is an intense experience. It is not a mental process aiming to change your life. It is rather an elevation of your being which enables you to literally create a new state of living, in abundance, in harmony, in peace and in beauty with no effort by using your soft will.


We work with subtle energy. We reach a higher plane with a totally different vibration from the day-to-day vibration of society. It is a journey to the deepest level of your consciousness.


What you will learn:


  • How to work with the power of attention
  • When to stay in the flow and when to welcome the form
  • Why beliefs, thoughts and attachments make you unhappy
  • How to live your life and not be lived by it.
  • How to live the genuine vibration with matter and with others
  • How to differentiate emotion from behaviour
  • How to develop immunity
  • What your emotional and physical symptoms are telling you
  • How to use the mind to get closer to intuition
  • How to acknowledge ESP’s
  • How to create a new life with no effort




Friday              7.00 pm – 10.30 pm


Saturday         9.00 am – 8.00 pm


Sunday            9.00 am – 7.00 pm


Cost: $380


 For questions or to register contact


Lorraine Moller 303 443 7386 [email protected]




Luís Martins Simões is a dynamic and enthusiastic person who sees the world through eyes that are not restricted by any conformity, rule or regulation.  For 27 years, he has traveled the world teaching leadership, communication, motivation and emotional intelligence. He is widely recognized as a specialist in intrapersonal and interpersonal effectiveness. Luis currently lives on the coast at Estoril in Portugal.