Concepts of Spiritism according to the books channeled by Chico Xavier (1910-2002)

Posted on: September 26, 2017

Thursday, October 12, 5:30 – 6:30 pm,

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Ever wonder what experiences await you in the afterlife?

“Ignite your lights before going through the great darkness. Seek the truth, before stumbling onto it.”

 – The Spirit André Luiz in the book Astral City

In this first talk of the series, Concepts of Spiritism, we will examine the teachings found in the book Astral City (Nosso Lar) by the spirit André Luiz, channeled by the great Brazilian medium, Chico Xavier. In his book, André Luiz recounts his journey and awakening after death on the physical plane, describing in meticulous detail, his experiences in the spiritual world.  Astral City teaches us the  meaning of death of the physical body, and that which awaits us after. This is one of the most famous books channeled by Chico and a significant addition to the Spiritist doctrine.

Chico Xavier is one of the most important mediums of our time and a two-time nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize. He channeled over 450 books and 10 thousand letters, comforting the lives of millions of people and never charging a dime. He dedicated his life to charity and teaching the world about the spiritual plane. His books, filled with wisdom he received from enlightened spirits, revealed activities, reflections and pursuits available to us in the afterlife.  All royalties from his many books were donated to charity.

Come and learn more about the immortality of the spirit; personal and global evolution; the variety of spiritual planes, or colonies; and karmic laws – through the teachings of André Luiz.

At The Caritas Center

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