Collective Consciousness in the Age of COVID-19 with Don Dulchinos

The term “collective consciousness” has been used by religious visionaries and technology utopians alike. This presentation offers a way to think about the idea as an emergent phenomenon, and suggests some ways to move from theory to practice.

Topics included

  • Historical Views and Visions
  • Evolutionary Frameworks: Spiral Dynamics and Teilhard de Chardin
  • Global Triggers: WWII, 9/11, Occupy Wall Street, COVID-19
  • Virus as both metaphor and biological connection
  • Reincarnation and the destiny of the human race
  • Technology developments: the Internet and brain-computer interfaces
  • 2050 – The Day of Ten Billion
Don Dulchinos

Don Dulchinos

Don Dulchinos is an experienced technology industry senior executive. Don serves as president of Neurosphere Technologies, a research and development company organized around the long-term trend of an interconnected human population. Such interconnection is leveraging technology developments in the Internet, social media, and the emerging Brain Computer Interface (BCI) segment. Don is the author of Neurosphere (2005), a book considering the evidence for the emergence of human collective consciousness. He is also chair of the Boulder chapter of Transformative Technologies, a global organization working to apply technology in the service of healing, wellness, and transformation.
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