Chakra Health Class: Getting to Know The Energy Centers That Influence Your Health
This presentation was broadcast live on Zoom and recorded on March 12. The video recording is available for viewing.

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Deep within all of us is a subtle energy field and frequency that enables us to heal ourselves. By aligning the frequencies, healing can occur in the physical, emotional and energetic bodies. The results are unique to each individual; however, it is not uncommon to experience a positive change in pain patterns, a dynamic shift in emotions and improvement in relationships.

Topics will include:

  • Defining the chakras
  • Chakra anatomy
  • The locations of the 7 primary chakras
  • The central focus of each chakra and  it’s related body parts
  • Associated endocrine glands and associated physical/mental/emotional symptoms

*The class will include a cleansing chakra meditation.

Mary Sanders

Mary Sanders

Dr. Mary was diagnosed as being hearing impaired at the age of three, but was acutely aware of “feeling/sensing” others early on. Her innate skills were desensitized during her childhood; however, during her chiropractic training in 1991, she was reconnected with the energetic properties of the human body. She was in private practice in Colorado Springs, Colorado for 22 years prior to moving to Vietnam. She completed Yoga Teachers Training in Bali, after which her curiosity to better understand the power of the brain led her to study Positive Psychology, neuroplasticity, meditation and mindfulness. She applied those skills in South America in the educational arena for 5 years via a non-profit, Aviva Education. She completed her Masters of Intuition Medicine at the Academy of Intuitive Medicine in Sausalito, CA.

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