Beyond the Veil to Heaven

Posted on: May 23, 2017

Friday, August 18, 7 – 9 pm,

With Author Ward Barcafer.

Inexplicable Manifestations and Signs from a Woman’s Transition to Heaven While Maintaining Earthly Life Connections

This presentation is about life after death as communicated to me through a series of extraordinary events by my wife, Suzette Delashmet Shockley, after her demise. Suz and I believe that if only one person can be spared the overwhelming sorrow and utter grief that comes from the death of a loved one, my endeavor in writing this book will have been worthwhile.

Before these events, I had not known or even thought about life after death.  As I began to experience her presence following her passing, I was in disbelief. I began researching, seeking answers wherever they might be found, to try to understand what was happening. In reading and talking with people who did believe in life after death, I kept an open mind. Today, I have no doubt these events are coming from another dimension.

The sequence of events that I will describe in my talk are something that cannot be explained from a human perspective of life on this planet. I now know that when a person loses a good friend, a spouse, a child, or other loving relationship, the deceased person is not “gone” and can come through.

General Public $15, Caritas Members $10

Ward Edward Barcafer, Jr. was married to Suzette D. Shockley for 33 years. Barcafer was born in Missouri and grew up in Kansas. After college, he joined a Fortune 100 company and was transferred to Denver where he was a sales promotion manager for the Rocky Mountain West.

At The Caritas Center * 5723 Arapahoe Avenue * Boulder, CO 80303


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