Beyond Anti-intellectual Spirituality: Philosophy as a Spiritual Path

Posted on: August 22, 2011

Friday, August 26, 7 – 9 pm;

with Larry Goldberg, PhD. 

Many spiritual traditions have encouraged the cultivation of certain states of mind, such as love, devotion, or surrender emphasized in the Abrahamic traditions and pure consciousness or awareness devoid of distracting thoughts, desires, or attachments emphasized in the East. Although the heights of human emotion and awareness achieved have deepened our compassion and relieved much suffering in the world, the critical role that our intellectual life plays in guiding our understanding of our place in the universe, biosphere, and society and in identifying the specific needs of the people and life around us has too often been neglected.

Many New Age teachings have often carried the neglect of intellectual concerns to a new level in presupposing that there is no reality outside our minds and therefore no constraint on what we can create. The importance of continually extending and justifying our understanding and values is not only neglected, it is opposed. Although there are formal philosophical schools of thought, such as idealism, phenomenology, and existentialism, which might be sympathetic to such views, a broader consideration of epistemology and ethics would favor a more critical approach to the development of our worldviews. In this talk, we will review the spiritual significance of philosophical thought in guiding our transformation of self and world.

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