Conversations with Evolutionary Leaders: Bernice Hill, Ph.D

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Psyche is on the doorstep of such a bigger world. What would it feel like if every day we could sense ourselves to be part of the living fabric of Cosmic Consciousness? What would our world be like if we realized that the Cosmos is not dead matter, but a living Presence – built with underlying order and principles? How would we feel if we accepted that through processes of creativity and chaos, there is an underlying Intelligence, supporting the physical Universe and our evolution?


TOPIC: Cosmic Human Cosmic Intent


Books by Bernice Hill, PH.D

Bernice Hill

Bernice Hill

Bernice Hill, Ph.D., a Jungian Analyst in private practice in Boulder, Colorado for over 35 years, is a member of the International Association for Analytic Psychology (Zurich) and, until retirement, a Senior Training Analyst for the C.G. Jung Institute of Colorado. She is the author of Emergence of the Cosmic Psyche: UFOs and ETs from the Perspective of Depth Psychology (2010) and Spiritual Perspectives on Death and Dying (2015). She was a founding member of BoulderExo: exo-culture, exo-politics and exo-consciousness, a public forum for discussion of our expanding cosmic awareness. Her new book, Cosmic Human, Cosmic Intent (2020), will be the subject of this interview and discussion.
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