At the Dawn of the Third Copernican Revolution with Dr. Dave Pruett (full video recording)
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Sigmund Freud observed:

“[Darwinism] was the second, the biological blow to human narcissism.”

Freud’s terse statement refers obliquely to the 16th-Century’s Copernican Revolution, credits Darwin with a second Copernican Revolution in the 19th Century, and shrewdly stakes out Freud’s claim to a third Copernican Revolution.

Originating in science, “Copernican” revolutions profoundly alter human self-perceptions to leave lasting traces in the collective psyche.

Tracing these three successive but overlapping revolutions—which redefine the human place in the physical, biological, and spiritual/psychic universes, respectively—affords a useful framework for elucidating the evolution of human consciousness that lies at the core of the Caritas Consciousness Project.

Author’s Books

Dave is also the author of Reason and Wonder (Praeger, 2012),The outgrowth of an award-winning JMU Honors seminar that explores the nexus of science and spirituality.

Reason and Wonder embraces the insights of modern science and the wisdom of spiritual traditions to “re-enchant the universe” and to provide a new “myth of meaning” appropriate to the current era. The new myth, which unfolds through the stories of three successive “Copernican revolutions” — cosmological, biological, and spiritual — offers both an expansive view of human potential and hope for a future currently in grave jeopardy.

Dr. Dave Pruett

Dr. Dave Pruett

Dave Pruett is Professor Emeritus of Mathematics at James Madison University (JMU). In addition to three decades of mathematics teaching at various levels, he has worked for a decade in NASA-related aerospace research. Dave is married to Suzanne Fiederlein, Interim Director of JMU’s Center for International Stabilization and Recover (CISR), which is involved in land-mine remediation around the world. They have one daughter, Elena, a millennial, and reside in Harrisonburg, Virginia, in the historic and scenic Shenandoah Valley.

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