Ask Aion: “Spirit always answers; it’s up to you to be listening.” ~Aion

Posted on: June 18, 2017

Saturday, July 15 * 7 – 9:30 pm,

With Stevie Ray McHugh.

Imagine being able to ask Spirit …

… the Universe, your guides, or your Higher Self any question you have—about relationships, business, career, family, any area that calls you. Ask Aion events bring like-minded souls together in a powerful shared field to receive answers to burning questions through the transmissions of Stevie Ray McHugh. Stevie Ray explains, “Your guides talk to my guides and I translate.”

Each person with a question receives a five- to ten-minute answer with compassion, humor, and the same loving appreciation Spirit holds for them. These downloads from your guides come through Stevie Ray’s guide, Aion, the high-frequency energy also called the Holy Spirit in the Christian tradition, Brahma in the Hindu tradition, or Ra in ancient Egypt.

The answers are clear, specific, lovingly challenging, and deeply moving. These downloads have helped dozens to find clear direction, better trust their own intuition and evolve into their next selves with ease and grace. The love and high-vibrational energy that come with the downloads expand the heart and soul, creating a safe, warm and healing experience in community.

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About Stevie Ray McHugh: For more than 25 years, Stevie Ray has coached and counseled hundreds of individuals seeking life changes. As a Gestalt psychotherapist and hypnotherapist, he has focused his private practice, first in New York City and now Boulder, Colorado, on helping clients make emotional, spiritual, and practical changes in their lives. As a corporate consultant and master trainer, he worked with top corporate leadership teams to catalyze innovation for companies such as AT&T, Met Life, Sun Microsystems, Hewlett-Packard, Life Care Centers of America, MTV, Olin Corporation, Zurich US Insurance, as well as numerous mid-sized companies and Humane Societies across the US. And as a business mentor, Stevie Ray has helped countless individuals in every field imaginable—entrepreneurs, small business owners, healing practitioners, non-profit directors, artists, career changers, and inventors—take their dreams to the next level.

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