A talk with psycho-spiritual astrologer Rebekah Hirsch.

On the Winter Solstice of 2020, Saturn and Jupiter moved together into the sign of Aquarius. This was the end of the difficult conjunction of Pluto Saturn and Jupiter in Capricorn that had been the signature of 2020. As the pandemic brought the world to a halt, we had space to see that Pluto’s journey through Capricorn had brought shocking evidence of social decay, institutionalized racism, misogyny, and corruption into the light of consciousness; confronting us with the image of a civilization that had lost its’ way.

2021 brings a welcome shift of focus. Where Capricorn represents current physical reality in the material world, Aquarius is a visionary sign, looking to the future, and one of key words for Aquarius is hope. All over the world, from indigenous leaders, shamanic elders, teachers, healers and mystics we hear that now is the moment to come together in groups and hold a new vision for the Earth.

From the moment it entered Aquarius, Saturn moved into a ‘square’ aspect with Uranus  in Taurus and the two planets will remain square to each other throughout 2021. In her  talk, Rebekah will be exploring the range of possibilities presented by the Saturn Uranus  square. She will also be looking at the implications of the transit of unworldly, electric  Uranus through the earthy, sensual sign of Taurus; the Lord of Technology in the  Garden of Eden.  

Taurus is, perhaps, the sign most associated with planet Earth; with the beauty of  Nature, the sensual life of the biological body and the exquisite delicate balance  between all life forms. 

The archetype of Uranus has to do with mental brilliance and innovation. Uranus is  associated with futuristic visions of science and technology and also with revolutionary  political idealism. The problem with Uranus is that the focus on knowledge and the  quest for change is often accompanied by dissociation from feelings, and disregard for  human vulnerability. And so, our challenge is to ensure that scientific brilliance or radical  politics (Uranus) be tempered with emotional intelligence, wisdom and a healthy sense  of responsibility (Taurus) so that our beautiful Earth and fragile environment will remain  safe through this important transition.  

At the other end of the spectrum, the potential gift of Uranus in Taurus is exciting. “I  associate Uranus with the crown chakra and that part of the mind that goes out into the  cosmos to make intuitive, telepathic contact with the Divine, reaching out to connect  with the Mind of God,” Hirsche observes. “If enough people learn how to shift into that  level of awareness, then Uranus can open a channel in the human collective bringing  the light of the cosmos and divine will flowing through humanity deep down into the  Earth itself.” 

In her talk, Rebekah will be exploring both the risks and the potential presented by the  Saturn Uranus square and the transit of Uranus through Taurus. In guided meditation  we will have the opportunity to meet with these archetypal energies as living beings  operating in our own human energy field and to hold a vision for the highest expression  of these cosmic patterns. 


Books by Rebekah Hirsch

Her book, ‘Charting the Soul: Astrology, Characterology and the Human Energy Field’, (available on Amazon), published in 2016, is a synthesis of archetypal astrology and the Brennan approach. Rebekah runs her own ‘Charting the Soul’ workshops based on the themes from her book. She regularly gives lectures at the Astrological Lodge of London and other astrology groups as well as teaching Voice Dialogue. Rebekah is also a visionary painter.

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