Conversations with Evolutionary Thinkers: Jenny Cockell
This presentation was broadcast live on Zoom and recorded on April 17. The video recording is available for viewing.

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There are probably millions of children who remember past lives; of those, several thousand have been verified. Jenny Cockell was a child who remembered several past lives in significant detail, but had to wait until she was forty before she finally shared her successful search for her children from her past life in Malaheid, Ireland, as Mary Sutton.

Her compelling account, Across Time and Death, was made into a motion picture with Jane Seymour in the role of Jenny (Yesterday’s Children, 2000).

Books by Jenny Cockell

Jenny Cockell

Jenny Cockell

Having published since the 1990s, Jenny's writes about researching past lives; after specifying and naming the locations in childhood. This has been verified by researchers from the BBC and the Society for Psychical Research. Jenny now also writes about Asperger's.

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