Twice-Monthly Drop-In Group: Creating Conscious Community in Turbulent Times

Next Meeting: August 15

1st & 3rd Tuesdays, 5 – 6:30 pm,
With Carolyn Baker and Gloria Coelho,
$5 Meeting Fee

At this meeting, we will discuss the concept of community and what it means to each of us. Please bring paper and pen!

As we feel the distress and the urgency of the many issues that confront our planet, our culture, and our individual lives, we recognize that we cannot navigate the unprecedented challenges of our time alone. We need each other. Increasingly, we realize that we have arrived where we are as a species because we have disconnected from the deeper wisdom within ourselves, from each other, and from Earth. The big questions are: Who do we want to be in this time of unraveling, and what do we want to create together?

A group is now available for you to share your concerns, your inspiration, your feelings about our predicament, and also help create conscious community with others who do not want to be alone on the journey. Not designed to be a “gripe group,” this twice-monthly gathering will provide a safe place to connect, to be heard without judgement, to cultivate our personal resilience, and to support each other as troubled times compel us to walk where humans have never been.


For more information, call 303-449-3066 or go to

At The Caritas Center

5723 Arapahoe Avenue * Boulder, CO 80303

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