The Ghandarva Concert Experience

Posted on: August 6, 2018

Thursday, September 13th, 2018 from 7pm-9pm.

The Ghandarva Concert Experience and Workshop Preview

with Dr. Paul Hubbert

A Ceremony of Peace Sacred Sounds of the Ages

The Ghandarva Ceremony is a beautiful affirmation that blends and expresses the Unity of all spiritual traditions and an experience of the celestial realms of being. Paul will chant the names of the Archangels, Mystics, Saints, and Masters of the world’s major spiritual lineages. As the energies fill the room in response to the calling of their names, participants can experience their presence directly. Paul will also lead the group in Harmonic Choir and those present can express their love and gratitude to the Divine, to God, as a tremendous healing vibration is created.

We are in the Age of Consciousness Expansion, flowing with Grace and Ease, intending and seeing joyous health and harmony within ourselves and others and reflecting this Divine Truth throughout Mother Earth and Humanity. Your presence is important to this Ghandarva Experience, as when two or more are gathered together, with a set intention, there is a third force created Greater than the Sum of the two! In order for a new path to begin, the old one must end!

Now is the Time! As the insurgence of energy and rising vibration continues through 2018, we create with Intention and shift global consciousness with the essence and energy of Love. New beginnings – The present moment, this is where you find your gifts. Here you experience the changes and accelerations in your life. Express Gratitude as space is made for Exciting New Beginnings, New Creations! Conscious of your Divinity, inner strength, and power, Spirit shines throughout your life. Step out – together we Create Our Worlds New Reality!

Come Enjoy and Manifest Your Dreams, Visions, and Intentions
through Sacred Sound, as we vibrate the knowing reality of Love, Peace
and Compassion throughout our earth.

Dr. Paul Hubbert holds a Ph.D. in Psychology, Holographic Sound Master Teacher, Masters in Businessand Religion, Certified in Hypnosis, Grief Recovery, recognized by the White House for his counseling work with families. He is an Intuitive Channel, Reiki Master and works with the higher level energies of Sound & Love, is a member of the Omega Institute training faculty, shared the stage with many leaders in their fields, including Gregg Braden, Tom Kenyon, Dr. Norma Milanovich, Alton Kamadon, John Bradshaw, Drunvalo Melchizedek and others.

Price of the concert will be included for people who sign up for the training!!!!

Public: $20 & Caritas Members: $15

Registration Options

At The Caritas Center

 5723 Arapahoe Ave. Boulder, CO 80303


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